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Silicon Valley Soccer Academy is a non­profit 501(c)(3) organization that pools resources with Palo Alto Soccer Club to offer the pinnacle of youth soccer development to the talented players of the Bay Area.  The Academy's mission is to boost player development in our Silicon Valley community by providing members age U13-U19 an opportunity to work with top-level coaches, play elite soccer and develop to their full potential during peak learning years, regardless of their financial situation.   Elite soccer is not an inexpensive endeavor.  Our partnership provides the means and allows players from Palo Alto SC, and surrounding Silicon Valley communities to participate in the most demanding league with the highest visibility from US Soccer scouts, college coaches, and professional clubs.  

The players in the US Soccer Development Academy demonstrate their passion and skills everyday on the field and Silicon Valley Soccer Academy provides the platform for the Bay Area's best players to showcase their talents on the field, support their academics and hopefully, create life changing opportunities through a sport they love.


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