This year, Silicon Valley Soccer Academy is proud to host its annual Development Camp. SVSA prides itself in its approach to the game that allows for long-term development to occur, through a deep understanding of what makes players successful around the world. Run by both Academy Director, Gerson Perez, and Development Director, Hugo Perez, this camp will aim to teach players tactical awareness, enhance and test their technical skills, improve their understanding of their individual positions, and receive work in agility coordination and flexibility.

Each player, in their different positions, will be taught the principles of both attack and defense. Such as learning how and when to find solutions on the field, going forward as an attacker, and how to defend & transition with understanding of game situations

Defenders, specifically, will be shown how to maintain their width and depth on the field in either their Center Back or Full Back positions.

Both attacking and defensive midfielders will also be able to better understand their roles as their team’s scoring and passing opportunists, by receiving help in areas such as timing, creating spaces, breaking lines, or even learning how to place themselves behind opponents, in order to receive passes going forward.

Center Forwards and Wingers will enhance their technical skills for crossing and finishing, as well as understanding depth, when to take on players, or look for combinations.

While goalkeepers will receive help on their distribution, shot stopping, and reaction skills.

Extended supervision will also be available until 1 p.m.

The SVSA Development Camp will make sure that each athlete has gained a greater understanding, not only of their roles on the field, but a deeper knowledge of the game itself, through quality training and meaningful competition.

Players new to our Academy program  will receive an Individual Development plan with goals & objectives.