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In order to minimize administrative overhead and allow teams to provide more certainty to coaches on compensation and to families on team budgets, players within SVSA are expected to meet their financial obligations to the Silicon Valley Soccer Academy in a timely fashion, including but not limited to coaching fees, registration fees, club fees, and team fees (tournament fees, equipment fees, friendly fees, etc).

Any player with outstanding player fees after the requested due dates may incur late fee payments, and unless other arrangement have been agreed to with the team manager, the player may be requested to suspend training and game participation until outstanding fees have been paid.

  • First and second payments of team fees will be payable to the team manager (or administrator) within 14 days after requested (unless different payment deadline is noted) or before the beginning of each season whichever is first.
  • If a player fails to make a payment on time, a $25 / week late fee will be applied.
  • After accumulating a $50 late payment fee, they will be will be considered “not in good standing” and suspended from all SVSA activities including but not limited to practices, games, and tournaments.
  • Once all past due fees and late fees have been paid, the player will be reinstated from suspension and re-rostered on the team.
  • A player not in good standing on multiple occasions may be asked for prepayment of estimated full season fees as a condition of acceptance to their team.


  • Team managers* will provide notice to players when they have failed to make a payment on time (i.e. when they are “not in good standing”).
  • Team Managers will provide notification to the Director of Coaching and SVSA Registrar if a player fails to make a payment by 4 weeks after requested. The Director of Coaching (or SVSA Registrar) will notify the player when they are placed on suspension.
  • The deadlines set forth in this policy define the expectations for making payments on or before the due date. Failure to provide additional notifications does not constitute a waiver of late fees or a waiver of suspension. The SVSA recognizes that situations can arise that may impact a player’s ability to meet their financial obligations for a given month. If this happens, please contact the team manager prior to the payment due date to explore the possibility of making additional arrangements.