Mykell Bates

Mykell has a strong soccer background that has allowed him to experience the game at some of the highest levels in the country.  Prior to coaching at MVLA and SVSA, Mykell was drafted by Toronto FC and played and captained the men’s soccer team at Santa Clara University for 4 years. He has traveled the world playing with the US youth national teams from 2004-2008. Mykell participated in the U.S youth national team residency program located in Bradenton, Florida from 2005-2007.  He earned a roster spot and captain the men’s national team in the U-17 World Cup held in South Korea.   

He currently holds a USSF C, D, F and a LaLIga Methodology Level 3 license.  In addition, he has earned his masters in Kinesiology with an emphasis of Exercise Physiology in 2015. 

Mykell is a student of the game and wants to pass along any and all knowledge he can through his coaching.  He finds true joy in developing our country’s next generation of players.